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Ivinie Cariele was the daughter of Roland Cariele, Baron of Cariele, and Monica Alam, and the brother of Daenel Cariele, who succeeded his father as Baron of Cariele.
While Daenel was Baron, he sought an advantageous marriage for the realm by selecting an influential mate for his sister. Being already married to Elanor Dhoesone, he saw no advantage to a marriage with a lesser house in the same realm. His plans were disrupted when a handsome young free lance fell in love with her from afar. GwenaŽl Dhariel was a scion of an important house with an ancient lineage, a strong bloodline, but a single province in a far part of the country. Nevertheless, against the wishes of Daenel, GwenaŽl pursued a relationship.
During the great joust always held on the 12th of Haelynir, GwenaŽl won the joust, and claimed Ivinie as his prize. Daenel refused and offered him only a fine horse instead. Undaunted, GwenaŽl continued to seek the love of the fair Ivinie. By now she was sending secret messages to him through lady in waiting. He carried her scarf during his adventures in and around Cariele, gaining fame for his victories in Thurazor. She was struck by his noble character and heroic energy. His boldness attracted not only the love of Ivinie, but the admiration of other young men of action, such as James Ardannt and Shaene Mhoried, who joined him on his adventures.
When a hill giant began to tear up villages near the border to Markazor, GwenaŽl assembled a body of adventurers and went off to slay the creature. Into the mountains they went in search of the giant. Many died in heroic combat against the giant, but several, including the priest James and the knight GwenaŽl returned with the head of the giant. Daenel Cariele was compeled to offer GwenaŽl what ever reward he could name, and when he asked for the hand of Ivinie, Daenel reluctantly agreed. Ivinie was thrilled.
The hopes of Ivinie were challenged by the arrival of a herald from Mhoried that announced that the Mohr was seeking the hand of Ivinie for his son and heir. Despite her protests that she was promised to GwenaŽl and that she refused to marry the Mohr's heir, Daenel broke the engagement and had his sister confined to Cariele Castle, overlooking the city of Caerlinien. Ivinie sent her trusted lady in waiting to GwenaŽl to explain her situation and beg for rescue. Without delay he stole into the castle by means of a secret passage known only to the family and met with Ivinie. She had prepared for escape and by means of an alternate passage, the two fled the castle and Cariele for the lands of Dhoesone. The young priest, James Ardannt, married the couple and earned the ire of Daenel.
The young couple and their friends had many adventures, including meeting the young Fhiele Dhoesone in Tuarhievel while the elves yet prepared her for her later duties. They danced in the halls of Ravenroost at many of the parties thrown by Ljorrah, Queen of Stjordvik. And on many occasions they fought in Dharilein, Stjordvik, or the Giantdowns against the agressive raids of the Blood Skull Barony.
They settled in Dharilein and spent more and more time there as GwenaŽl learned governance from his father, the Count. Ivinie bore and raised GwenaŽl's sons, Vertico Dhariel, Corentin Dhariel, and Amaury Dhariel. For eight years they lived in bliss, defending their people, providing good justice, and raising their family.
Their happiness was ended in the city of Sonnelind during the Cerilian Summer Solstice after the birth of their only daughter, Aithne Dhariel. GwenaŽl had to attend Summer Court in Sonnelind on matters very grave and was forced to take his very pregnant wife with him. She gave a difficult birth two days later to Aithne. Fever overtook Ivinie, and the best healers in court were summoned. Brunhilde Dhoesone, the Court Diviner knew that death was fated for Ivinie, but withheld this information from Ivinie, telling only that she could read the future of Aithne, and that it was long and bright. Ivinie told GwenaŽl that their children needed a mother, and that he must remarry. He professed her love for her and her alone, but she reminded him that he had a duty to their children that yet lived on.

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