Challenge of Shaene

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Cuiraecen is the god of battle and the storm, but a minor aspect of his worship is the facing of challenge. While others consider how they can best act against a foe, the faithful of Cuiraecen gird their loins and charge into battle with sword held high and a song in their hearts. Such warriors are often known as "valiants" by their supporters (detractors simply call them the foolish or the dead).
Shaene was one such valiant. On hearing that an ogre threatened a village, Shaene listened to the village hunters discussing the digging of pits and the setting of traps for only a few minutes before walking out, donning his armour and grabbing his spear. Shaene rode straight to where the ogre had last been seen, surprising it while it feasted on those it had slain. Shaene?s first blow impaled the ogre on the length of his spear and the valiant rode back into the village with the beast's head before the hunters had finished discussing how best they might hope to trap the beast.
In honor of Shaene, many valiants of Cuiraecen go questing on the 18th of Haelynir. Those too old to ride tell tales to inspire the young and so encourage a new generation of valiants.

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