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Aesele Alam was the daughter of Herran Alam and Serta Deseiran. She married Daeric Mhoried and bore him four children, Thendiere Mhoried, Gaelin Mhoried, and the twins Liesele Mhoried and Ilwyn Mhoried. Aesele died giving birth to the twins.

Aesele is remembered by her family and friends as someone willing to do thankless tasks that others avoid. She was dutiful, proper and something of a perfectionist. She did her duty in court as the loving consort of the Mhor, avoided drawing attention to herself. Even so, no one forgot her importance to her family.
She was very hard on herself and neglected her own health by denying her personal needs looking after others first. The Mhor's duty was to the realm and his challenges from Ghoere and the Gorgon have always been quite consuming, and she took it upon herself to manage the family and the court. Her son Thendiere embraced his mother's sense of duty and selfless commitment. Gaelin wanted neither his mother's duty nor his father's and has been a rebellious son, chafing under the weight of duty.

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