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Janna Cathcart was born in 309 MR, in the second generation after Fitzalan preached his unyielding, fatalistic philosophy of work in Talinie. Raised by a stern father devoted to Fitzalan's teachings, Janna was steeped in the strict discipline of Fitzalan's doctrine. At a young age, Janna began to receive visions when gardening. Roses were especially apt to send Janna into transports of ecstasy. She was vetted by the priests of the Northern Imperial Temple, and formally instructed in the doctrines of Fitzalan. Already raised in these teachings she was an excellent student and was swiftly ordained.
Though she held no important offices in the temple, her teaching was widespread, advanced primarily by the Aromatic Scriptures and her tireless preaching. Many young followers continued to tell her story and relate the heavenly visions she received in the following generations, further spreading her interpretations of Fitzalan's message.
When smelling flowers, especially roses, Janna would experience her visions and describe them with vivid shouts as she tossed about. Attendants carefully transcribed her episodes and circulated them under the title Aromatic Scriptures. Though not noted for mysticism, the new northern branch of the Imperial Temple received an important boost during a formative time in the domain's development. While the priests, nobles and guilders had embraced the dour teachings of Fitzalan, the great teacher's spiritual message was complex, scholarly, and rooted in theological dialogues. The people of Talinie took little interest in Fitzalan's message and remained attached to the Orthodox Temple's ritualism. Janna many tongued changed that by explaining Fiztalan's spirtitual message in terms of sweet smelling flowers, using the metaphor of gardening as a softer way to explain the virtues of work and the rewards of labor, and by using a symbolism of flowers to explain the various principles of the spiritual message.
Jarod Dannis, the founder of Talinie, heard about Janna and her visions and sought her out. Finding a copy of the Aromatic Scriptures, Jarod was deeply impressed and further intrigued. Arranging an audience, they fell in love and Jarod made Janna his chief concubine. Janna's influence made Nowelton the garden city and established flowers as the primary symbols of the Northern Imperial Temple.

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