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When smelling flowers, especially roses, Janna many tounged would experience heavenly visions and describe them with vivid shouts as she tossed about. Attendants carefully transcribed her episodes and circulated them under the title Aromatic Scriptures.
Though not noted for mysticism, the new Northern Imperial Temple received an important boost during a formative time in the domain's development. While the priests, nobles and guilders had embraced the dour teachings of Fitzalan, the great teacher's spiritual message was complex, scholarly, and rooted in theological dialogues. The people of Talinie took little interest in Fitzalan's message and remained attached to the Orthodox Temple's ritualism. Janna many tongued changed that by explaining Fiztalan's spiritual message in terms of sweet smelling flowers, using the metaphor of gardening as a softer way to explain the virtues of work and the rewards of labor, and by using a symbolism of flowers to explain the various principles of the spiritual message. This text is largely responsible for establishing flowers as the primary symbols of the Northern Imperial Temple.
Though slightly less important in Haelyn's Bastion of Truth than in the Northern Imperial Temple, both temples use flowers as pedagogical metaphors. Every child recruited as a new temple disciple quickly learns the scents associated with the Five Perfumed Virtues: honesty (gardenia), prudence (sage), thrift (heather), cleanliness (violet), and work (rose). Youthful acolytes memorize the hundred and eight varieties of flowers in the Yearlong Garden and their associated legends and symbolism.
Once inducted into the priesthood, a novitiate journeys to an upland monastery, the Honeysuckle Abbey and learns to concoct the Heavenly Aromas used in the Seven Annual Ceremonies, Leafturn, Harvest Moon, Snowfall Contemplation, and Dormancy) and the Five Rites of Life (Birth, Induction, Breaking of the Voice, Marital Union, and Sweet Passage).

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