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Also known as a mechanic, the laborer works entirely for the benefit his master, either as a manual laborer or servant. The work is often dirty and exhausting, even dangerous, and life is often short and brutal. A laborer, sleeps in an attic, a shed, or on their master?s floor, as available. The little money a laborer earns is barely sufficient to supply the necessaries of life. He owns little beyond the clothes on his back, perhaps a bowl and spoon. A craft apprentice also qualifies as a laborer in terms of the respect offered by others. Laborers tend to come in two varieties, those performing labors to acquire a skill, who might expect to move up to the status of a craftsman one day, and those who are without skills.
A town is full of laborers, though they have few if any rights, and experience only a freedom to sell their own labor for coin. They have no manorial obligations of labor or coin, and are free to go where they please and earn a living as they are able.
Without the protection of a lord, laborers quickly find the benefits of joining a guild.

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