A Lawpriest of Haelyn serves as a judge in AnuireA Lawpriest of Haelyn serves as a judge in Anuire

The term "lawpriest" refers to priests of Haelyn or Avani who have taken the "Law" Domain and generally have five or more ranks in Knowledge (Law). They often serve not only in temples, but in law holdings as well.
Roles for a lawpriest might include:
  • Scholar - priests of both Haelyn and Avani are liable to be at least somewhat scholarly, each in their own way, but some lawpriests are experts in the law, the history of the law, and the commentaries on major legal issues.
  • Investigator - lawpriests might be involved in the investigation of legal violations, whether the law is secular, such as a sheriff, or ecclesiastical, such as an inquisitor.
  • Judge - lawpriests who act as judges will often rely more on the Wisdom attribute than Intelligence, because they are applying knowledge to actual situations, but as priests, they often have a good basis in Wisdom in any event.

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