>P.S. "for the sake of game balance" - was not probably the
>best expression. Anyway, without this rule I would (for example) find
>difficult to explain the apparent lack of knowledge in history.
>(the events before coming of humans are very vaguely described at
>best) Well, the concept is designed for lazy DMs it seems (no need to
>think up all these remote events when a PC decides to use ESP on one
>of those" 25 000-years-old elves".)

I believe that this lack of racial memory may be due to the fact
that the more experienced(ie. older) elves would have gone to the "front"s
during the innumerable wars between elves and other races. Remember, the
front used to be the coastline, so they must have truly lost 98% or more of
their race in these wars.



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