Wrath of the Awnsheghlien

The awnsheghlien are those whose flesh has been twisted by the corrupting blood of Azrai into monstrous forms which better suit the depraved souls of the awnsheghlien than their original bodies.
The change is more than merely physical however, most awnsheghlien, even those who were once noble and kind, become more self-serving, cruel and deceptive as their transformation progresses. This progression is not the only mental change however, many ancient awnsheghlien were once cunning or wise and yet are now merely monsters - monsters powerful enough to make the most doughty paladin quail, but mindless beasts all the same. This second mental transformation is known as the Wrath of the Awnsheghlien, for wrath - fury beyond mere anger that cannot be assuaged until the target of the fury is utterly destroyed - is the most common early symptom.
In the early stages of the transformation the awnsheghlien will merely have a bad temper, this will slowly become more and more explosive and easily triggered. As the transformation progresses the anger will become more and more bestial until the awnsheghlien loses all reason when angry. When lucid the awnsheghlien may be their old self, but it is likely that as the transformation progresses this 'lucid state' will either become more bestial itself, or increasingly shortlived.
Awnsheghlien said to suffer from the wrath of the awnsheghlien include:
  • The Serpent - The Serpent's prodigidous will makes his wrath rare, but devastating when it occurs.
  • The Gorgon - Some say that the Gorgon's rages leave his throne room in shambles and his servants slaughtered explaining why he has been unable to expand his realm, others say that when the most powerful of the awnsheghlien feels the wrath coming upon him he turns himself into stone until the rage passes.
  • The Chimaera - The Chimera is said to have once walked her realm as an elven woman commonly, now she sleeps or rages in the form of a monster and none have seen her in sidhe form in decades.
  • The Minotaur - Maalvar the Minotaur is said to have the built his maze to protect the Itave - 'his people' from him when the Wrath comes upon him, in his bestial rage he cannot fathom its complexity allowing them to flee him.
  • The Sphinx - The Sphinx was once a skilled Khinasi wizard, even long into his transformation he held court and wielded powerful magic. A few decades ago rumors spread of his increasingly terrible anger, and his public use of magic became increasingly rare. Many sages argue that he has lost almost all reason now and can no longer wield magic.

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