William Thurese is a rabble rouser among the people of Alamier. Although everyone knows he preaches Commerce and Business, according to the Goddess of Trade; no one seems to listen to him. He was planted there, however, by the Celestial Jewel of Sarimie because William is an upstart. They sent him down to Medoere to claim the souls of the followers of Ruornil. However, William has them all deceived.
William perpetually wears a black velvet glove on his hand because he is tainted. His hand has open, weeping sores from his encounter in the Shadow World. Also, William found a book of lost lore dedicated to the God of Pride. The Book of Ambitions described how Azrai is the God of Ambition, and he rewards ambition. He opened it and learned things that Men Were Not Meant To Know.
Shocked, and dismayed, he learned that there were more books prepared for the worship of the God of Pride. The Book of Anger, the Book of Pride, the Book of Aggression, the Book of Knowledge, the Book of Hate, the Book of Calumny, and others; taught someone how to worship the God of Pride. William preaches and worships Sera openly, but he worships Azrai in secret.
He might be there to establish a post of Saramie, but he is truly hoping to reconstruct the cult of Azrai, the Lord of Pride and Glorification. And anyone who talks to him at length can tell he has powerful ambitions. William Thurese suffers from Megalomania.

[top]Behind the Curtain: DM Secrets.

What are "DM Secrets" pages? They relate secrets that only the DM should know about a particular place, person, or thing, i.e. this is the first DM Secrets page relating to a particular Non-player Character], William Thurese. This is secret information that a DM can use in accordance to his campaign.

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