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Male Anuirean Thief 6

The Secretary of the Governor of Albiele Island


Minor Bloodline of Vorynn, 25

LE Medium Humanoid

HP 18

Abilities: Str 6 (Sta 7/Mus 5) Dex 15 (Aim 13/Bal 17) Con 12 (Hea 13/Fit 11) Int 16 (Rea 16/Kno 16) Wis 14 (Int 15/Wil 13) Cha 7 (Lea 9/App 5)

Thief Abilities: OL 47%, MS 52%, HS 37%, RL 30%, DM 40%, DI 45%, B 46% Backstab: x3

Blood Abilities: Resistance (Major - half damage from invocation/evocation spells, reduced to quarter damage in the event of a successful save)
Equipment: Leather armour, dagger (coated with Type F poison), a vial of Type F poison (enough for four applications)
Description: The Secretary is an emancipated skeleton of a man. Due to slight hunch, he barely clears 5 feet in height. He always wears grey, over-sized robes that hide his wizened body from view. His face alone is enough to discomfort even the stoutest of hearts. His eyes peer out from sunken pits and he almost continually squints, especially when he is in light any brighter than twilight. The skin on his face seems to sit loosely, giving the impression its about to fall off. He is totally bald and has never been seen to sport any facial hair either. He speaks quickly, in a high pitched tone that is very grating on the ear.
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Most people actively avoid the Secretary (no one remembers his real name), partly because of his awful appearance but mostly because the Secretary is the Governor?s highest ranking servant. As such, only the Governor wields more clout (and engenders more fear) in Albiele Town.
Many a veteran pirate has gained hours of entertainment telling highly exaggerated stories of the Secretary?s cruel exploits to newcomers to Albiele Town, who, after one look at the man?s appearance, will believe almost anything about him. Although the Secretary is not guilty of all the deeds told in the stories about him, he is definitely a dangerous man to cross. He is absolutely fanatical in his service to the Governor, and will deal ruthlessly with anyone who questions the Governor?s authority in Albiele Town. The Secretary rarely goes anywhere without two of the Governor?s Guards in attendance (see The Governor?s Guards in The Governor?, above for details on these formidable men). Anyone wishing to build anything in Albiele Town must first gain permission from the Secretary and he is one of the few people in Albiele Town not open to bribery. Only a few building requests have ever been denied, with no reason at all given (it is assumed by most people that it is actually the Governor who decides what gets built and what doesn?t).

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