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Olvis Asbjornsson was the older son of the Eorl of Hjorvaal. A powerful warrior without the refinements of nobility, he possessed a rustic charm and could run for hours. He attracted the attentions of Isagel Ylvarrik, who seduced him and established source holdings in his family's realm in Hjorvaal. After a year, Olvis rejected Isagel and she swore to possess him again.
Olvis took to adventuring to keep away from Isagel for a while. On his travels, he encountered the stunning beauty, Snaewitta Gauksdotter, and instantly fell in love. Snaewitta was stunningly beautiful and graceful. Snaewitta's family, however lived under a curse and within three years, her mother, father, and two brothers were dead. Alone in the world except for her half-brother, Guthrim Gauksson, she was kidnapped by men in service of Isagel, put under a spell from which she would not wake, and concealed in a ruin.
Olvis searched all of Stjordvik for her, fighting ogres and trolls as he searched remote and desolate places in the deepest wilderness. An old seer woman told him that Snaewitta dwelled asleep in a ruin. Olvis found the great bard, Eadfrith Whitecloak, and she told him of every ruin in Stjordvik. One by one Olvis searched them until at last he found Snaewitta. She was protected by magical and mechanical traps, but Olvis was undaunted. Only by means of his incredible fortitude did he reach the place where his beauty lay in her magical sleep. He knew not what to do to dispell the enchantment that held her in sleep. But having found her, he kissed her, and she awoke. Isagel, convinced that she would possess Olvis and his heart, made Olvis' kiss the act that would dispell Snaewitta's sleep.
Rescued, Snaewitta married Olvis, and in a year, they bore the son Njall Olvisson into the world. They did not know it, but Snaewitta's bloodline had been stolen through investiture by Isagel. Though Olvis possessed only a minor bloodline, his son Njall was left with a tainted bloodline. To continue his bloodline, Olvis would be required to invest his son with his own bloodline before his son sired children.
Isagel scried on Olvis and when he chose to moment to transfer his mother's bloodline to his son, Isagel interfered magically with the transfer and kept the son of her hated rival from receiving the full measure of power, to this day the heirs of Olvis are said quest to recover their lost bloodline from the eternally young sorceress.
Olvis died only a month after his beloved Snaewitta.

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