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framed|An ebroidery of Wittafridth Sotisdotter depicting a scene from the Quest of the Seven Answers

Wittafridth Sotisdotter was the daughter of Soti the Black and Thjodora Snidilsdotter and sister of Gauk Sotisson. She married Haakon Ylvarrik. Her children include the current Eorl of Arvaald, Olfjor Ylvarrik, Aethelwjulf Ylvarrik, Astrid Ylvarrik, and Isagel Ylvarrik.
In her youth, Wittafrith was a skilled archer and accompanied her brother, Gauk Sotisson on some of his adventures with his companions. These memorable names inclue Njalgrim Frostisson, Haakon Ylvarrik, and sometimes the prince of Stjordvik, Snorri Snidilsson. As a result of their adventures, Wittafridth married Haakon, and her brother Gauk married Njalgrim's sister, Kostbera Frostisdotter.
Wittafridth stopped adventuring with the pregnancy of her first child, Olfjor, though once her children were fostered away she did occasionally find adventures during her visits to relatives, and once even undertook the Quest of the Seven Answers by herself. One can imagine the surprise of the great nobles that a woman of such years, her children out of the house, completed this quest.
An indomitable woman, Wittafridth lived on to an advanced age, always urging the young men to undertake heroic tasks, and telling them that if an old woman (exaggerating her age during the adventure) could have solved a great quest, they could at least attempt some deeds to be remembered in song.

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