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A herald is a messenger, diplomat, and an expert on related fields, such as genealogy, heraldry, history, and law. Many heralds choose Cuiraécen as their patron, but others see their service as a profession rather than a calling.

In addition to carrying and delivering messages, heralds are responsible for the proper organization of most state ceremonies. Coronations, investitures, vassalage, as well as overseeing diplomatic meetings, tournaments, and feasts are all part of the duties of a herald.

A herald may also be a tutor, teaching the genealogy, history, and social relations of a household to the children. A herald also often teaches etiquette and other skills related to proper presentation.

Heraldry is a profession, and master heralds take on apprentices, called a pursuivant. Pursuivants are not required to take an oath; they can renounce their office at any time. Pursuivants are appointed on the recommendation of two heralds, who must testify to their discretion, virtue and honesty.
Heralds serve noble households, but are related to skalds, the Rjurik herald who serves the community of the lord, rather than the lord himself.

Heralds are often rivals of minstrels. Many of their duties are interchangeable, and minstrels often see heralds as self-important while heralds often see the other as flighty and inconsequential.

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