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Amaury was the son of Gwenaël Dhariel and Ivinie Cariele. His older brothers were Vertico Dhariel, now Count of Dharilein, and Corentin Dhariel, now a knight of Cuiraécen in service in the Militant Order of Cuiraécen as a lieutenant of Fhylie the Sword. He had a sister, Aithne Dhariel, who is married to Daeric Dhoesone, and is the countess of Soniele.
Amaury was a noble Knight Errant in service of Dhoesone, and his duties took him to the Silverhead Mountains at Roger's Hold to make embassy led by Rhuimach Taeline to the dwarves there. Orog enemies of the dwarves attacked the meeting of men and dwarves, and after fighting heroicly to defend the dwarven king, Amaury fell in battle. The dwarves noted that Amaury had several opportunities to fall back and seek his own preservation, but refused to abandon their king. For his heroism and devotion, the dwarves both honored Amaury as one of their own, but also agreed to a full treaty of friendship with Dhoesone based on the conduct of this hero. It was the word of Amaury's death that was the final heartbreak for his father Gwenaël, who died shortly after Rhuimach told him the grave news.

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