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The Dhariel family is one of three great families in Dhoesone. The others, the Dhoesone family and the Huire family, are closely related to the house of Dhariel. The scions of Dhariel are famed for questing and for heroic deeds. Their lineage can be traced to within 200 years of Deismaar, though it is unclear which of several champions of Masela is the founder of this line.
Vertico Dhariel is the current head of the house of Dhariel and wields considerable influence despite a quiet nature and the lack of any prominent natural charisma. Vertico is, however, perhaps the most honorable and chivalrous man in Dhoesone and like his father, GwenaŰl the Bold, Vertico is a heroic figure of reputation. Those who join Vertico and follow his lead can be assured that he will look after their interests and protect them from their enemies. He is widely known to selflessly ride off with his men in the service of any just cause. While Vertico's motives are selfless, this quality draws people to him and wins their loyalty.
This includes the cadet branch of the family, the count of Hidaele, Rogr Dhariel. Rogr believes as did his father before him that the Hidaele Dhariels were stronger united with their Dharilein relations than they would be on their own.


The Dhariel family is decended from ┴edßn Dhariel, Count of Dharilein.:* GwenaŰl Dhariel, Count of Dharilein, married to Ivinie Cariele
:* Vertico Dhariel, Count of Dharilein, married to Lileas Mhoried
:::* Shannon Dhariel::* Aithne Dhariel, married to Daeric Dhoesone:: relationship with scullery maid Alexandrine::* Saebra Mullham, married to Robert Mullham, heir of Mullham:* Aubrae Dhariel, married to Hadrim Androsson, Eorl of Lofkirdik
:* Arnora Hadrimssdotter, Eorlless of Lofkirdik
:* Lisea Dhariel, married to Aulay Dhariel, Count of Hidaele
:* Rogr Dhariel, Count of Hidaele
::* Bhaeli Dhoesone married to Alaric Huire, Count of Sidhuire

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