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Arms of HazeltyneArms of Hazeltyne

Hazeltyne is a lordship owned by the Baroness of Dhoesone, but managed by a royal official. Stiele Caelan is the Royal Baliff of Hazeltyne. Reynald Hazeltyne is a Knight of Hazeltyne.

The largest town in Hidaele, the folk of Hazeltyne are mostly farmers and the inevitable shepherds and those involved in the various industries of both trades. Hazeltyne is noted for a reasonable population of Rjurik who originally crossed the river to trade and in many cases settled. The town has an odd mix of Anuirean and Rjurik building styles and is noted for both 'Rjurik-lover's' and those with a deep hatred of 'Rjurik Barbarians', cynics say the view depends on whether one works with a Rjurik or competes with them.

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