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Arms of the House of HuireArms of the House of Huire

The Huire family is one of three great families in Dhoesone. The others, the Dhoesone family and the Dhariel family, are closely related to the house of Huire. Two generations previous, Kyle Huire placed two of his nieces in county families of lesser stature in hopes of binding them to the Huire family. Morwe Huire was married to the heir of Giant's Fastness, Ceolfrith Gardarsson, and Paeghan Huire was married to the heir of Nolien, Shaene Nolien.
However, Kyle's current successor, Alaric Huire, is a man of strong opinions and prefers to pursue his policies at court rather than cultivate the power of the family. As such, Alaric has had no influence with his second cousins, Aedric Nolien and Ingrid Redwolf, both of whom are more closely associated with his Alaric's rival, Vertico Dhariel.

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