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Arms of the House of DhoesoneArms of the House of Dhoesone

The Dhoesone family is descended from Brandon Dhoesone.
Brandon Dhoesone, Baron of Dhoesone, married to Lisbeth
* Fhiele Dhoesone, Baroness of Dhoesone
:* Parniel Dhoesone:* Aartric Dhoesone, Count of Soniele, married to Yekaterina Tabachkov
:* Daeric Dhoesone, Count of Soniele, married to Aithne Dhariel
* Bernard Dhoesone, Count of Romiene, married to Brunhilde Dhoesone, Court Diviner
::* Clumine Dhoesone
:* Luna Dhoesone, had an affair with Gaelen Riven
:::* Erin Romiene
married to Gweneth Dhariel
:* Caelan Dhoesone, married to Idele Armara
:* Bhaeli Dhoesone, married to Alaric Huire, Count of Sidhuire
* see Cariele family for descent

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