PS Danigau Holding Tables

This is an alternate domain holding table for Danigau that I made when writing the Players Secrets of Danigau - it reflects the changes I made to the provinces.

Domain Table: AndrewTall/Danigau domain holding tables
Blackruft (5/2)ED (5)DW (3)IR (3)ED (0)
VR (2)
Caebstrech (4/2)ED (3)DW (2)IR (3)ED (0)
GKC (0)
Evershruden (4/3)ED (2)DW (1)IR (1)ED (3)
VR (2)
Hoklep (3/4)ED (3)WH (1)VR (1)ED (4)
Kantswach (2/5)ED (1)DW (2)VR (1)ED (5)
Starkhundt (4/3)ED (2)WH (2)IR (1)
VR (1)
Talhundt (4/3)ED (2)WH (2)IR (1)
VR (1)
Wiergau (3/4)ED (3)DW (2)VR (1)ED (3)
Abbreviations: ED = Erik Danig (Danigau); DW = Darold Wohlkern (Sera's Perfekt Symmetry); WH = White Hand of Kriestal (The Ice Lady); IR = Ilse Redbedtehr (Burgundy Tolsted); VR = Volse Redbedtehr (Burgundy Slepsid)

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