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Arms of KnutsfordArms of Knutsford

The largest town in Sidhuire, Knutesford was founded near a small silver mine that still produces a small amount of the precious metal. The silver is traded to the elves of Eidenhome for their goods which are then traded south. The town has traded in this fashion for generations and its people are often vocal in defense of the elves ? many of the people owe their livelihoods to the elves and few in the village speak against them. The village is by contrast strident in their hatred of goblins; the Red Fist clan of goblins dwells in the north and its warriors regularly attack the folk of Knutesford when the Stone God commands them to do so or they desire plunder ? or simple excitement.
Roger Noralind is Lord of Knutsford. His daughter, Aubrae Noralind, is a young adventurer.

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