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Lorenz Stark was a soldier and warrior his whole life. He served as both commander of Stark family forces and as a captain in the army of Danigau. Among the forces of Danigau he fought goblins along side Erik Danig when the current Pfalzgraf was just heir to Danigau. Later he took his nephew, Otto Tallen, as his squire, and trained him to be a powerful Brecht knight.
He was dedicated to Haelyn, and made a pilgrimage to Edel in Rohrmarch to serve Haelyn's Warriors for two years and perfect his art. He was a a master of the sword and perfected several fighting techniques. His reputation for the passion and prowess of this swordsman was considerable, extending throughout the Western Reaches and the Western Basin States.
In his last years, he was made captain of the Daniguard. He also served as Champion of Danigau before Siegfried ?Fido? Donnerssohn. It was as such that he became aware of a plot to usurp the source holdings of the new regent, Erik Danig.
His cousin, Barbara Stark was Court Astrologer, but resented the sources of the realm being held by the Pfalzgraf, who used them little, and had a Brenna bloodline. Her own Vorynn bloodline and its Mebhaighl Sense ability combined with her native Stark presumption and arrogance to make her believe she should take the sources for herself. She had married an Anuirean adventurer named Griever Vexten who was commonly recognized as a dangerous influence. When she put the final phases of her plan into action, Lorenz Stark struck at her, for as champion his honor demanded action even against his own kinswoman. Lorenz, joined by Jürgen Neblinger, Konrad Baen, and Ulrich Garten faced off against Barbara and Griever. Lorenz slew Griever and the party pursued Barbara into a refuge she had established in the Shadow World. There she poisoned Lorenz, but fell to the combined efforts of the weakened Lorenz and Konrad.
Lorenz was reckoned a Stark hero, while Barbara's treason was attributed to her Meissan family parentage and their foreign wizardly ways. Lorenz is commonly held as an example of the 'perfect' Stark - brilliant, ruthless, and ruled by the dictates of honor and law regardless of the cost to himself or others.

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