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On a dark and eerie night I was sprinting through a forest trying to escape from danger. I was being chased by a large pack of gnolls. I could hardly see in the evil misty darkness. The moon and stars did their best to light up my path, but it didn't seem good enough for I still stumbled over tree limbs and brush that seemed to jump right out in front of me. At times it felt like the gnolls were right behind me, howling and grunting loudly. A cold sensation chilled down my back, death crossed my mind.
It didn't seem too long when I noticed that the howling was getting much fainter. It almost seemed like they suddenly stopped and turned away. I don't know why or how I had escaped but I gave my praise to Haelyn. As my once fast pace turned to a slow jog I continued on my path.
I soon noticed something that seemed like lights coming from a building, but I could not make out anything for certain. I approached even closer when I realized that It was a building which resembled an inn, in the middle of nowhere. I grew closer to this inn with great caution, for something did not feel right to me. I peeked in a window to see what looked like men, talking, and socializing. So I entered the building with great curiosity.
I walked up to the bartender when I realized that he seemed to be different, yet he looked the same. I couldn't make out why, but for some reason he was just different. I asked him what everybody was doing out here so isolated from life. He just glanced up at me with a smirk, then continued on with his doings.
I looked around the room at the men which also did not seem to be so ordinary, when I realized that something was definitely wrong. "I demand that somebody tells me where I am!" All the men seemed to laugh, and the bartender gave me a cold stare.
I then realized that I was no longer in the light world, and these were not men.
I ran out the door, but stopped in my tracks to experience a dark misty fog. It made nighttime look like a beautiful sunset for it was so dreadful. I must have somehow gone through a one way portal to the shadow world, I took a deep breath. I have heard too many stories about this place that made my spine shiver. I noticed a figure not far from my own. I approached this odd figure. Nothing could surprise me anymore. This figure seemed to look like a man, in a robe so similar to mine. As I drew nearer to him, he started to do the same. His pace started to gain and I soon wielded my sword in fear.
He was soon moving in a fast pace towards me. I noticed his eyes had a faint red glow to them. It must be of Azrai's doing! I knew then there was little I could do. I tossed my sword aside and dropped to my knees. I felt a warm stream of blood run down my body as this evil being stabbed a dagger into my chest. Before I knew it I was in a pool of blood, and then I fell completely down. As I laid on the ground knowing these next few moments would probably be my last I shouted out, who are you? Can't I at least know who my attacker is before I die". The voice replied in a tone I had never really heard before, nor would I wish to hear again if I made it through the night. It seemed like a faint utter, that seemed to echo like an evil nightmare. "Death has no name", the demonic creature stated. As he kept on walking like nothing happened at all. Wherever this place was, it was evil, and had no feeling. And I prayed that nobody else would make my mistake in entering that wonderer inn.

The story was written by Snowman for the Bard's Tale section of

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