Nadia Vasily

8th level Priestess (Cleric) of Kriesha
Bloodline: Azrai, major, 31.
Description: The beautiful Nadia Vasily is dressed entirely in white and black as she travels about Anuire. The colors ofset and compliment her raven hair and her pale skin. She has come to Anuire seeking something, and she leaves cold destruction in her wake when she can't find what she is looking for.
People think she is here to kill Teodor Profiev. The tales say that he had spurned her suit and she is now releasing her cold anger for his rejection of her and his people. And so she hunts him. People also say that she was sent by the Raven to reign in this wayward son of Azrai. Unfortunately, if that were her intent, she has been in Anuire for long enough to forget her own motives for being here.
It is said that men can't seem to resist her lures, though she isn't interested in them. All o them seem to have the idea that they will be the ones to tame her and bring her under control. However, she usually leaves corpses of these men in her wake. Nadia is often seen as cold and unfriendly. Even her words carry a blast of arctic air. She often tends to avoid populated areas and her fame is spread around the rural areas. However, she did meet someone who is acting hard to get against her lures. The contrary Paladin acts aloof of all her lures. Because of this, she seems to be pursuing him, often in anger. This is because he saved her life once.

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