Source level

The source level is a measure of the power of a source holding. This is similar to a holding level. However, the levels of source holdings are constrained by source potential of a province.

Provinces are normally described with a pair of numbers N/M. N is the province level and M is the maximum source level allowed in that terrain. If the province level decreases, the maximum source level will increase.

Although the maximum source level is normally dependent on the terrain type, some things can raise or lower the source level beyond the norm. these include:
  • Underground catacombs, rivers, etc.
  • The presence of dragon bones, ancient nymph grottos, lost sidhe towers, and other intense magical remains.
  • Links to the Shadow World, such as fey groves, the grimmest of battlefields/graveyards.
  • Temporary damage to the life of the land such as the poison of the Basilisk, or a major forest fire.
  • Presence of civilization that blocks the flow of mebhaighl, such as dams, roads, cities and other urban clutter
  • The aftermath of a ley storm or other supernatural event.

In general the source level of a province will regenerate from damage at the rate of 1 level in the spring of every fifth year since the damage, the rate could increase to as much as 1 level per year if the damage is actively managed (for example town ruins are utterly obliterated, druids, wizards, or sidhe work to correct mebhaighl flow, ley lines are forged to stronger source holdings, etc).

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