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Although both the Thorn Throne and Kal-Saitharak claim the wooded hills of Sideath as their land, neither government has any presence here. The archmage Siebharrinn is the province's undisputed master, and he is the only sentient creature in the entire area.
Siebharrinn unleashed magics of nightmarish proportions to halt the Gorgon's army when it threatened this land. Now, Sideath apparently exists more in the Shadow World than Cerilia. Few have traveled into Sideath since that fateful day, but those who have done so report that while the forests of Tuarhievel are usually alive with sounds of birds and other animals, Sideath is eerily silent. The shadows are deeper, and where the sun shines, the light is so bright as to cause eyes to water and sting. A sense of unreality surrounds the place, and more than one group has ventured in and never returned.
Exactly what lies at the heart of Sideath is unknown. Communications from Siebharrinn have been sporadic over the last few centuries, but he claims that he is working to bring back the elves that he blasted into the Shadow World. Some advisers to the Thorn Throne have made a bold suggestion: that persuading the Master of Lychgate (as he is now commonly called) to reveal the secrets of the spells he used against the Gorgon might allow a brave wizard to unleash those magics at the heart of the Gorgon's Crown, thus ending a great evil in the land.

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