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The Swan Mage, a wizard named Marya Nivernny holds sources in the realm of Kozlovnyy, where the regent, Vladimir Nikailov, has outlawed true magic. The powerful mage controls much of the land's potent magic nevertheless. Her domain centers around the Swanwood.

[top]The Land

The Swanwood has been ancient, virgin forest before humans arrived.
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[top]Swanwood Tower



This domain is effectively in a cold war with Kozlovnyy, and its regent, Vladimir Nikailov.

[top]Important Figures

Marya Nivernny, the Swan Mage

[top]Plots and Rumours

The Swan Mage has learned a lesson from El-Sirad and seeks to separate the Swanwood from Kozlovnyy.

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: Swan Mage
Aziev (4/3)VN (2)TM (4)NTG(3)*Swa (2)
Dansk (1/6)-TM (1)NTG (1)Swa (2)
Forestmarch (2/3)VN (1)TM (2)Grd (2)Swa (1)
Sovradaloy (2/5)VN (1)TM (2)NTG (2)Swa (2)
Swanwood (0/7)---Swa(7)
Tarvonyy (1/4)-TM (1)Grd (1)Swa (1)
Tsongya Vale (3/2)VN (1)TM (3)NTG (3)Swa (1)
Abbreviations: Swa = The Swan Mage (Marya Nivernny); VN = Vladimir Nikailov (Kozlovnyy); TM = Temple of Might (Chernevnik); NTG = North Traders Guild (Sasha Kaptrev); Grd = Gradny Coster (Halimah el-Nasib).

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