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Dynamic Spellcasting uses the inherent mental and physical rigors of channeling magical energies to regulate how much spellcasting a character can perform, instead of the memorization limits of the core rules. These rigors are measured in terms of Spell Drain.
Spell Drain
Spell DCDrain
Less than 201d4
90 or more16d10
Whenever a character casts a spell, the character must make their Fortitude Save to resist Spell Drain. The DC for the Fortitude Save is given in the spell description of the spell being cast. If the characters passes the Fortitude Save, they are unaffected by the effort of spellcasting. If they fail, they consult the Spell Drain Table to the right, and based on the DC of the spell being cast, suffer the non-lethal damage shown. A spellcaster can use various forms to effect their spellcasting, and these effect the casting DC of the spell.
If the Fortitude Save is failed, a Control check will be required. If the Save is failed by 10 or more, the spellcaster becomes fatigued. If the character was already fatigued, he or she becomes exhausted instead. If the character was already exhausted, he or she falls unconscious.
A spellcaster passing out from spellcasting remains unconscious for 1 round per Point of Drain caused by the last spell that was cast. That is, an exhausted character who fails his or her Fortitude Save by 10 or more and suffers 30 points of Drain will remain unconscious for 30 rounds ? 3 minutes. After waking, the character will still be exhausted.
Drain takes effect after the spell is cast. The character does not become fatigued (or exhausted or unconscious) until after the spell is complete ? his or her new condition does not affect the spell being cast. If the Drain renders the spellcaster unconscious, he or she may still finish the spell. The result of
a failed Control check, however, may prevent the spell from working.

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