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A Control Check is 1d20 + the relevant ability modifier + Spellcasting bonus. The DC of this check is the spell?s DC (modified for forms, if appropriate) ? 10.
If the spellcaster's Fortitude Save is failed, the spell may or may not be successfully cast. A Control check is required to determine if the spell is still effective.
If the Control check is successful, the spell goes off as intended. If the check fails, the magical energy goes uncontrolled and the spell fails. In simple spells (generally speaking, those that require only one spell slot to learn), this means the spell is ineffective. With moderately complex spells, there may be side effects or game penalties for loss of Control, such as leaving the spellcaster dazed, stunned, or knocked down.
The effects of a loss of Control for most spells should depend on the tone of the campaign. In a comedic game, the result should be more amusing or embarrassing than actually harmful ? suffering Drain for a failed spell is usually punishment enough. In a gritty, dark fantasy game, however, loss of Control could be far more drastic and dangerous. When dealing with the most powerful spells (those requiring three or four slots to learn), however, loss of control could be far more dangerous and devastating.
Regardless of any side effects caused by a loss of Control, a failed spell still causes Spell Drain.

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