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The Blood Prince
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Sethien Avan was the Prince before Veladin Avan, the Sword Prince. Sethien Avan was so called the Blood Prince because he has a legendary reputation for starting more wars in Anuire then any other Regent in Modern times. He was blamed for Avan's role in the Second War of the Taeghan Succession, the Trade War between Boeruine and Avanil, and the forgotten wars between Avanil and Bhalaene and Gheiste. These wars, called the Wars of Avan Aggression, were said to be instigated by Sethien Avan. Why is Sethien Avan was blamed so much? Because, of all the rulers of Anuire, Sethien Avan was truly a megalomaniac.
Sethien Avan is also notorious for having eight wives. His wives included: Irinushka Koskov of Molochev, Marianne Bhalaene of Bhalaene, Baysan bint el-Mashil from Khourane, Edwina Molchev of Kozlovnyy, Munawwar bint Bahar of Binsada priestess of Avanalae, Hildegarde Rohr of Rohrmarch, and Eyja daughter of Ögvaldr -- the Guild Leader of Stjordvik during Sethien's rule of Avanil. He fathered twenty-two children. About twelve sons and ten daughters. Most of his polygamy was the result of forging alliances with all of these realms, especially a trade alliance with Stjordvik. Sethien Avan also is the modern example of tragic rule, for he let his Megalomania consume him.

[top]Early Life

Sethien was once an innocent baby, like all bad rulers in Cerilia. The second son of Darien Noelon Avan and his wife Katrina Doesone, Sethien grew up under his brother's shadow -- Randolph Avan the Paladin of Haelyn. However, even at eight, the seeds of his Megalomania was sown. While Randolph was twelve and betrothed to the daughter of the then Mhor, Sethien was expected to become a count of one of Avanil's provinces for Randolph was designated as heir. Sethien didn't like his inferior position one bit and felt that his brother would not be the right one to rule. So he began to plot against his own brother.
When Sethien was fifteen, he met Irinushka during a state dinner between Darien and the ruler of Molochev. He was taken with the Princess and there were secret liaisons between the two teenagers. About six months later, Irinushka was discovered to be pregnant and she married Sethien through a forced marriage. Although born of young love she would stay with him through out his life, the marriage resulted in a formal alliance between Molochev and Avan -- an alliance that died with Sethien Avan's death during the Trade War with Boeruine.
His wife, a priestess of Kriesha, whispered in Avan's ears the will of Kriesha while they slept. At seventeen, Sethien acted against his brother Randolph. Sethien suggested a stag hunt to his brother to while away some time, ignorant of his brother's bile Randolph agreed. As the two brothers were dressing a felled stag they were ambushed by brigands, Randolph was badly wounded and the hunting party was taken hostage. The whole thing was a charade played out for the benefit of the courtiers, for the brigands were hirelings of Sethien.
As hostages, Sethien coldly murdered his elder brother before they were rescued. He used poison instead of bloodtheft so that the evidence would not be traced to him. When he was freed, his father wiped out the Brigands and had the survivors publicly executed for murdering the heir to Avanil. To preserve the bloodline, Darien designated Sethien Avan to be the heir to the Avanil Principality. And life changed for the new heir. Already, thoughts of carving his own Empire without bothering with the tedious diplomacy required to challenge for the Iron Throne swam into his mind.

[top]Young Adult Life

Age 21
An invasion of Alamie into Avanil started the War of Avanil Aggression against Bhalaene and Ghieste. When it was found that these two realms were working together, Darien had to act. He started military action and had his designated heir to the throne of Avanil lead the armies as his general. Sethien proved to be a capable general, as he had created law holdings in both Bhalaene and Ghieste and the lands of Tournen. He even conquered two provinces of the Duchies and annexed them to Avanil. At the end of the Conflict, Sethien married his second wife -- Marianne Bhalaene.

[top]Military Campaigns

[top]The Trade War


Sethien Avan has twenty two children: twelve sons, ten daughters. Although none of his progeny had become the heir to the throne after Sethien's death during the Trade War, they all became nobles of Avan. Two of his sons died during the Gorgonic Invasion into Morhied. One of his sons, Marcus Avan, became a powerful wizard and eventually source holder for Veladrin Avan. His last son, Felix Avan, became an outstanding business man who controlled the Avanil Merchant Coster -- a business that was bought out by the Brosen Royal Guild after Felix had died.
His daughters were married to important nobles around Anuire. This was part of Sethien's plans to instigate his Empire Building. His most important marriage was conducted during the Third Treaty of Ilien when he married his most beautiful daughter -- Marrianne Avan, to Eldried Boeruine.

Maryanne Avan -- Wife of Borric Boeruine.

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