Lucien of the Seven Stars

TaeghasLucien of the Seven Stars
Lucien of the Seven Stars was one of the great wizards of the previous generation. He was a known rival of Se˛ras Bhailie, perhaps better known as Se˛ras of the Crystal Staff.
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Lucien was approached by the Count of Taeghas, Alfred Khorien, to tutor his son, Harald Khorien in order to help the family with an academic, and perhaps even arcane, education. The sudden death of the count and Harald's brother, the designated heir, put Harald into a difficult bind. Harald's uncle, Roger Khorien, was married to Aeric Boeruine's aunt, Aurelia Boeruine, and with Aeric's urging, claimed Taeghas. Harald would have been content to pursue a life of study and astrology instead of politics and rulership. One the other, it was becoming evident that his uncle Roger would not be comfortable with Harald remaining in Taeghas, and there were even rumors of assassins challenging Harald's peace of mind.
Lucien was in contact with sometime ally, Darien Avan, and warned him of what was transpiring and the way it read in the heavens. Darien would be able to prevent the loss of Taeghas, and perhaps win it for his own camp, if he could embrace the true heir. So, Lucien orchestrated a meeting between Darien Avan and Harald that proved critical. Darien proposed that Harald advance his own claims to the County of Taeghas, with the support of Avanil, that Harald would be the court mage of Avanil and could pursue the life of a source wizard in Taeghas and Avanil, while Avanil would assist Harald in the routine tasks of governing the county and defending the realm from Roger and Aeric.
Lucien held many of the sources in Taeghas and western Avanil. Lucien designated Harald as his heir and continued to train Harald a few years before retiring and acting as an adviser to Harald.

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