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In his youth, Eldried was a wild, undisciplined lad with an acquaintance of Seasedge lowlife who seemed unsuited to kingship. His father, Donald Boeruine was disappointed again and again in him, but they reconciled several times. He was always tempted by those around him to neglect the right rule of order. His brother, Borric Boeruine, was a loyal and dutiful servant of his father, and was involved in putting down the Rebellion of Hotspur. Where Borric was a force of order as a young man, suppressing rebellion, Eldried's ill discipline and his friendship with so many scoundrels led the Seasedge lowlifes to expect a 'paradise of thieves' under Eldried's governance.
After a series of hard fought and exhausting wars, Archduke Donald sought a marriage alliance in the Third Treaty of Ilien. One of the stipulations was the exchange of daughters in hand of marriage. Donald was concerned of persistent rumors that Eldried has a secret marriage to a Seasedge madam, but arranged for a state marriage between the Avanese princess, Marianne Avan and Eldried in hopes that a proper marriage would elevate the young man and temper his ill discipline.
Eldried forcefully raped Marianne, his own wife, in a drunken stupor. Soon after that, rejected by his fearful wife, Eldried took to the frontier looking for adventure to take his mind off of his father's disappointment and his wife's fear. It was then that he slew an Awnshegh elf from Rhuobhe's Realm, and after that became one of the lesser awnsheghlien known as Eldried the Rake. His wife was quietly remarried to Borric, Eldried's better brother.

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