[top]Western style monks

In Cerilia, monks follow the Western mediaeval concept of living in monasteries and taking holy vows.
  • abbot: runs an abbey
  • anchorite: a hermit, one who has gone into seclusion to contemplate
  • brother: since our mythology doesn't much use family terms, I'd drop this one
  • cenobite: from the Latin coenobium meaning convent, it refers to any person living in a religious community
  • eremite: another hermit, this term implies a religious vow, not just extreme piety
  • fakir: Khinasi example of a member of a religious order
  • friar: often implies a mendicant
  • monastic: one who lives in a monastery
  • votary: one who has taken solemn religious vows

Initiate, postulant and novice are good for the students who hope to join.

[top]Eastern style monks

There are no Cerilians with levels in the monk class, as the class is not part of the official BIRTHRIGHT setting. Players interested in playing Cerilian pugilists should consider the fighter class and feats such as improved unarmed attack, stunning attack, improved trip, and weapon focus, finesse and specialization (unarmed).
If playing such a monk is important to the player, then there are a few ways their desires may be accommodated. The PC could be a rare traveler from a far off land such as Djapar. The GM could create a tradition for monks somewhere in Cerilia. This could be a religious order, or if the player is purely interested in the fighting skills, an order of peasants or other down-trodden folk who were forbidden weapons by their lords, powerful raiders, etc and have devised ways to harness the power of mind and body to resist their domination.
See Also: Monk (Class)

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