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This team is similar to the Commentators or the NP Patrol, save that our power extends only to the pages in the Lore category. Essentially, we deal with the pages and information relating to the backstory of Cerilia, that is, the novels, the games and their related materials. If you have a query or page directly related to Birthright, it is the Commentators and the NP Patrol to whom you should talk.
I consider anything from the Flight from the Shadow to Michael Roele's death at the hands of the Gorgon to be "lore"- anything depicted in the Birthright books or novels. This includes certain areas (ie., Mount Deismaar).
We will also respond to queries about a character's history to see if that fits the available lore.
-Sorontar, Head Bookkeeper

[top]Team Members

Meet the Bookkeepers and their spheres of influence:


  Head Bookkeeper: Patrol = everything :P

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