Totem animal

Various human gods are commonly associated with particular animals. These totem animals are more than just symbols. They can also influence the diety's followers. The most powerful example of this is in the blood abilities derived from the deaths of the old gods, particularly Animal Affinity.
Old GodMain AnimalOther AnimalsNew GodOther Animals
Anduiraslionmastiff, eagle, dragonBelinikvarsk, vulture, wolverine
Basaïaeaglehorse, iguanaEloelecat, raven, rat
Brennacatsparrow, swallowErikbear, falcon, fox
Maseladolphinotter, albatrossKrieshawolf, owl, badger
Reynirwolfbear, hawkNesirieseal, swan, otter
Vorynnowlchameleon, whale
Individuals also can have totem animals. Commonly these are the animals to which they associate themselves greatly. They may wear clothing or jewellry associated with the animal. Part of their body may remind people of the animal. They may practise rituals or behaviours that are particular to the animal. They may even be nicknamed after the animal. Some have even become the animal, thanks to Bloodform or Bloodtrait, e.g. the Badger, the Panther.
Tribal communities within the Rjurik and Vos commonly have their own totem animals. These animals may be protected by the tribe or their capture may bring great esteem to an individual. Any spirit guides or fylgia working with the tribe or its members may take the form of the animal.

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