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Magic of Danigau
The Counts of Danigau have been famed for their magic throughout Brechtür for centuries; always of a martial bent the Counts have often turned their magic to warlike means. The following are some of Danigau?s most prized secrets.

[top]The Orb of Storms

This mebhaighl stone is ovoid in shape, and embedded with three sielshegh of Vorynn. The Orb is about 5 inches in diameter by 4 inches. It often sparks slightly when in the presence of strong magic, and glows faintly when in proximity to a strong source manifestation. This are merely side effects however, the Orb has a single power of awesome strength. The Orb can hold a realm spell for a brief while, allowing the caster to cast the spell in a province with a strong source holding and then cast the spell in another province, or even cast two realm spells in quick succession, one from the stone and one from the casters own might.
Such power is not without price however:
1: the caster is fatigued by casting the realm spell into the Orb exactly as they would normally be by casting a realm spell;
2: they suffer 1 hit point of damage per level of the spell, this cannot be healed for a year and a day after the spell is released from the Orb;
3: they must pay 25% of the regency cost (min 1 RP) per action round to maintain the realm spell in the Orb, and
4: if the spell must be targeted when cast, the caster must make a spell-craft check DC equal to 10+the level of the spell (+ to their roll per RP spent) to correctly cast the spell. Failure means that the spell is off target somehow.
The use of the spell is as draining as a normal realm spell casting. If the caster is desperate enough to cast another realm spell in the same action round the caster is severely fatigued (-5 stn, -5 dex, can?t charge or run, cannot cast spells of their highest spell level for a month) and fatigued on the following action round.

[top]The Blade of Blackgate

This long sword was forged by the master smiths of Khurin-Azur and enchanted by the elves of Lluabraight. It was given to Wulf Danig by the dwarves after he assisted them repel an invasion by the goblins of Urga-Zai and meant to symbolize the alliance of the nations. The Dwarves had the blade forged and enchanted specifically for Wulf to enable him to grant blood-power to his loyal lieutenant Mark who had defended Danigau against Vos raiders and goblins while the Count led his warriors to Mount Deismaar. Wulf in turn gave the sword to Mark and it has become the symbol of the Baron of Blackgate.
The long sword is made of a strange golden hued alloy unknown elsewhere in Brechtür, on the face of one blade is written "loyalty" in High Brecht and on the other it is written in dwarven. The sword has a curiously carved ?composite? pommel stone held in a fine mesh of a silvery alloy. The first pommel stone, a sielshegh of Brenna was brought from Deismaar by Wulf. Additional facets of the stone have been added subsequently.
The sword has been passed down the generations as the ceremonial blade of the Baron of Blackgate. It has been stolen twice, each time the Counts of Danig have spared no expense or effort to recover the blade. In recent times the sword has hung in the throne room of Blackgate castle, awaiting the Count to name a new baron of Blackgate but the blade was lost a few months ago when Dietrich, a by-blow of the previous baron Blackgate, ?borrowed? the sword on his fifteenth birthday and left to ?defend the barony?. Although it was at first suspected that the dreamy lad was simply somewhere in castle Blackgate a large search has not revealed him, worse he and the blade appears to be undetectable to magic, witch-craft is suspected.
The blade is a +2 goblin-bane masterwork long sword, with the legendary power to absorb the bloodline of those it slays.
The blade gains bloodline strength from a slain scion exactly as a scion of BP 1 would (and if used to strike the killing blow it is certainly the closest scion to the deceased). The bloodline absorbed is then held within the pommel stone ? if the slain scion was of the bloodline of Anduiras, Brenna, Basaïa or Vorynn. The blade could theoretically hold other blood-lines but those are the only sielshegh embedded in the pommel. Three other gemstones are held in the pommel but these are not sielshegh although they are of the correct ?type? for the bloodlines of Masela, Reynir and Azrai.
If the bloodline of the sword is over-powered by a bloodline of Masela, Reynir or Azrai the sword releases the bloodline as if it was a scion of the relevant bloodline on whom bloodtheft had been committed.
The bloodline in the blade can be transferred by the investiture realm spell, or absorbed by an existing scion as a standard action. If the bloodline is absorbed the stone reduces to 1 BP, and generates 5 RP for every other BP that was previously held. The power could also theoretically be vested in the earth, although this would a surprising choice.
Note that if the blade is used to slay several scions in succession it could gain a strong bloodline. The maximum strength that the blade can store is unknown. The appropriate pommel stone glows when the blade holds a bloodline, it should be noted that only one bloodline can be held ? not one per sielshegh.

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