D20:Magic Items: Wondrous Items Rules

[top]Wondrous Items

This is a catch-all category for anything that doesn?t fall into the other groups. Anyone can use a wondrous item (unless specified otherwise in the description).
[top]Physical Description
Usually use activated or command word, but details vary from item to item.
[top]Special Qualities
Roll d%. An 01 result indicates the wondrous item is intelligent, 02?31 indicates that something (a design, inscription, or the like) provides a clue to its function, and 32?100 indicates no special qualities. Intelligent items have extra abilities and sometimes extraordinary powers and special purposes.
Wondrous items with charges can never be intelligent.

[top]Wondrous Item Descriptions

Standard wondrous items are described below.

[top]Table: Minor Wondrous Items
d%ItemMarket Price
01Feather token, anchor50 gp
02Universal solvent50 gp
03Elixir of love150 gp
04Unguent of timelessness150 gp
05Feather token, fan200 gp
06Dust of tracelessness250 gp
07Elixir of hiding250 gp
08Elixir of sneaking250 gp
09Elixir of swimming250 gp
10Elixir of vision250 gp
11Silversheen250 gp
12Feather token, bird300 gp
13Feather token, tree400 gp
14Feather token, swan boat450 gp
15Elixir of truth500 gp
16Feather token, whip500 gp
17Dust of dryness850 gp
18Bag of tricks, gray900 gp
19Hand of the mage900 gp
20Bracers of armor +11,000 gp
21Cloak of resistance +11,000 gp
22Pearl of power, 1st-level spell1,000 gp
23Phylactery of faithfulness1,000 gp
24Salve of slipperiness1,000 gp
25Elixir of fire breath1,100 gp
26Pipes of the sewers1,150 gp
27Dust of illusion1,200 gp
28Goggles of minute seeing1,250 gp
29Brooch of shielding1,500 gp
30Necklace of fireballs type I1,650 gp
31Dust of appearance1,800 gp
32Hat of disguise1,800 gp
33Pipes of sounding1,800 gp
34Efficient quiver1,800 gp
35Amulet of natural armor +12,000 gp
36Handy haversack2,000 gp
37Horn of fog2,000 gp
38Elemental gem2,250 gp
39Robe of bones2,400 gp
40Sovereign glue2,400 gp
41Bag of holding type I2,500 gp
42Boots of elvenkind2,500 gp
43Boots of the winterlands2,500 gp
44Candle of truth2,500 gp
45Cloak of elvenkind2,500 gp
46Eyes of the eagle2,500 gp
47Scarab, golembane2,500 gp
48Necklace of fireballs type II2,700 gp
49Stone of alarm2,700 gp
50Bag of tricks, rust3,000 gp
51Bead of force3,000 gp
52Chime of opening3,000 gp
53Horseshoes of speed3,000 gp
54Rope of climbing3,000 gp
55Dust of disappearance3,500 gp
56Lens of detection3,500 gp
57Figurine of wondrous power, silver raven3,800 gp
58Amulet of health +24,000 gp
59Bracers of armor +24,000 gp
60Cloak of Charisma +24,000 gp
61Cloak of resistance +24,000 gp
62Gauntlets of ogre power4,000 gp
63Gloves of arrow snaring4,000 gp
64Gloves of Dexterity +24,000 gp
65Headband of intellect +24,000 gp
66Ioun stone, clear spindle4,000 gp
67Restorative ointment4,000 gp
68Marvelous pigments4,000 gp
69Pearl of power, 2nd-level spell4,000 gp
70Periapt of Wisdom +24,000 gp
71Stone salve4,000 gp
72Necklace of fireballs type III4,350 gp
73Circlet of persuasion4,500 gp
74Slippers of spider climbing4,800 gp
75Incense of meditation4,900 gp
76Bag of holding type II5,000 gp
77Bracers of archery, lesser5,000 gp
78Ioun stone, dusty rose prism5,000 gp
79Helm of comprehend languages and read magic5,200 gp
80Vest of escape5,200 gp
81Eversmoking bottle5,400 gp
82Sustaining spoon5,400 gp
83Necklace of fireballs type IV5,400 gp
84Boots of striding and springing5,500 gp
85Wind fan5,500 gp
86Necklace of fireballs type V
87Amulet of mighty fists +16,000 gp
88Horseshoes of a zephyr6,000 gp
89Pipes of haunting6,000 gp
90Gloves of swimming and climbing6,250 gp
91Bag of tricks, tan6,300 gp
92Circlet of blasting, minor6,480 gp
93Horn of goodness/evil6,500 gp
94Robe of useful items7,000 gp
95Shrouds of Disintegration6,600 gp
96Boat, folding7,200 gp
97Cloak of the manta ray7,200 gp
98Bottle of air7,250 gp
99Bag of holding type III7,400 gp
100Periapt of health7,400 gp

[top]Table: Medium Wondrous Items
d%ItemMarket Price
01Boots of levitation7,500 gp
02Harp of charming7,500 gp
03Amulet of natural armor +28,000 gp
04Golem manual, flesh8,000 gp
05Hand of glory8,000 gp
06Ioun stone, deep red sphere8,000 gp
07Ioun stone, incandescent blue sphere8,000 gp
08Ioun stone, pale blue rhomboid8,000 gp
09Ioun stone, pink and green sphere8,000 gp
10Ioun stone, pink rhomboid8,000 gp
11Ioun stone, scarlet and blue sphere8,000 gp
12Deck of illusions8,100 gp
13Necklace of fireballs type VI8,100 gp
14Candle of invocation8,400 gp
15Necklace of fireballs type VII
16Bracers of armor +39,000 gp
17Cloak of resistance +39,000 gp
18Decanter of endless water9,000 gp
19Necklace of adaptation9,000 gp
20Pearl of power, 3rd-level spell9,000 gp
21Figurine of wondrous power, serpentine owl9,100 gp
22Strand of prayer beads, lesser9,600 gp
23Bag of holding type IV10,000 gp
24Figurine of wondrous power, bronze griffon10,000 gp
25Figurine of wondrous power, ebony fly10,000 gp
26Glove of storing10,000 gp
27Ioun stone, dark blue rhomboid10,000 gp
28Stone horse, courser10,000 gp
29Vestment, druid?s10,000 gp
30Cape of the mountebank10,080 gp
31Phylactery of undead turning11,000 gp
32Gauntlet of rust11,500 gp
33Boots of speed12,000 gp
34Goggles of night12,000 gp
35Golem manual, clay12,000 gp
36Medallion of thoughts12,000 gp
37Pipes of pain12,000 gp
38Blessed book12,500 gp
39Belt, monk?s13,000 gp
40Gem of brightness13,000 gp
41Lyre of building13,000 gp
42Cloak of arachnida14,000 gp
43Stone horse, destrier14,800 gp
44Belt of dwarvenkind14,900 gp
45Periapt of wound closure15,000 gp
46Horn of the tritons15,100 gp
47Pearl of the sirines15,300 gp
48Figurine of wondrous power, onyx dog15,500 gp
49Amulet of health +416,000 gp
50Belt of giant Strength +416,000 gp
51Boots, winged16,000 gp
52Bracers of armor +416,000 gp
53Cloak of Charisma +416,000 gp
54Cloak of resistance +416,000 gp
55Gloves of Dexterity +416,000 gp
56Headband of intellect +416,000 gp
57Pearl of power, 4th-level spell16,000 gp
58Periapt of Wisdom +416,000 gp
59Scabbard of keen edges16,000 gp
60Figurine of wondrous power, golden lions16,500 gp
61Chime of interruption16,800 gp
62Broom of flying17,000 gp
63Figurine of wondrous power, marble elephant17,000 gp
64Amulet of natural armor +318,000 gp
65Ioun stone, iridescent spindle18,000 gp
66Bracelet of friends19,000 gp
67Carpet of flying, 5 ft. by 5 ft.20,000 gp
68Horn of blasting20,000 gp
69Ioun stone, pale lavender ellipsoid20,000 gp
70Ioun stone, pearly white spindle20,000 gp
71Portable hole20,000 gp
72Stone of good luck (luckstone)20,000 gp
73Figurine of wondrous power, ivory goats21,000 gp
74Rope of entanglement21,000 gp
75Golem manual, stone22,000 gp
76Mask of the skull22,000 gp
77Mattock of the titans23,348 gp
78Circlet of blasting, major23,760 gp
79Amulet of mighty fists +224,000 gp
80Cloak of displacement, minor24,000 gp
81Helm of underwater action24,000 gp
82Bracers of archery, greater25,000 gp
83Bracers of armor +525,000 gp
84Cloak of resistance +525,000 gp
85Eyes of doom25,000 gp
86Pearl of power, 5th-level spell25,000 gp
87Maul of the titans25,305 gp
88Strand of prayer beads25,800 gp
89Cloak of the bat26,000 gp
90Iron bands of binding26,000 gp
91Cube of frost resistance27,000 gp
92Helm of telepathy27,000 gp
93Periapt of proof against poison27,000 gp
94Robe of scintillating colors27,000 gp
95Manual of bodily health +127,500 gp
96Manual of gainful exercise +127,500 gp
97Manual of quickness in action +127,500 gp
98Tome of clear thought +127,500 gp
99Tome of leadership and influence +127,500 gp
100Tome of understanding +127,500 gp

[top]Table: Major Wondrous Items
d%ItemMarket Price
01Dimensional shackles28,000 gp
02Figurine of wondrous power, obsidian steed28,500 gp
03Drums of panic30,000 gp
04Ioun stone, orange30,000 gp
05Ioun stone, pale green prism30,000 gp
06Lantern of revealing30,000 gp
07Robe of blending30,000 gp
08Amulet of natural armor +432,000 gp
09Amulet of proof against detection and location35,000 gp
10Carpet of flying, 5 ft. by 10 ft.35,000 gp
11Golem manual, iron35,000 gp
12Amulet of health +636,000 gp
13Belt of giant Strength +636,000 gp
14Bracers of armor +636,000 gp
15Cloak of Charisma +636,000 gp
16Gloves of Dexterity +636,000 gp
17Headband of intellect +636,000 gp
18Ioun stone, vibrant purple prism36,000 gp
19Pearl of power, 6th-level spell36,000 gp
20Periapt of Wisdom +636,000 gp
21Scarab of protection38,000 gp
22Ioun stone, lavender and green ellipsoid40,000 gp
23Ring gates40,000 gp
24Crystal ball42,000 gp
25Golem manual, greater stone44,000 gp
26Orb of storms48,000 gp
27Boots of teleportation49,000 gp
28Bracers of armor +749,000 gp
29Pearl of power, 7th-level spell49,000 gp
30Amulet of natural armor +550,000 gp
31Cloak of displacement, major50,000 gp
32Crystal ball with see invisibility50,000 gp
33Horn of Valhalla50,000 gp
34Crystal ball with detect thoughts51,000 gp
35Carpet of flying, 6 ft. by 9 ft.53,000 gp
36Amulet of mighty fists +354,000 gp
37Wings of flying54,000 gp
38Cloak of etherealness55,000 gp
39Instant fortress55,000 gp
40Manual of bodily health +255,000 gp
41Manual of gainful exercise +255,000 gp
42Manual of quickness in action +255,000 gp
43Tome of clear thought +255,000 gp
44Tome of leadership and influence +255,000 gp
45Tome of understanding +255,000 gp
46Eyes of charming56,000 gp
47Robe of stars58,000 gp
48Carpet of flying, 10 ft. by 10 ft.60,000 gp
49Darkskull60,000 gp
50Cube of force62,000 gp
51Bracers of armor +864,000 gp
52Pearl of power, 8th-level spell64,000 gp
53Crystal ball with telepathy70,000 gp
54Horn of blasting, greater70,000 gp
55Pearl of power, two spells70,000 gp
56Helm of teleportation73,500 gp
57Gem of seeing75,000 gp
58Robe of the archmagi75,000 gp
59Mantle of faith76,000 gp
60Crystal ball with true seeing80,000 gp
61Pearl of power, 9th-level spell81,000 gp
62Well of many worlds82,000 gp
63Manual of bodily health +382,500 gp
64Manual of gainful exercise +382,500 gp
65Manual of quickness in action +382,500 gp
66Tome of clear thought +382,500 gp
67Tome of leadership and influence +382,500 gp
68Tome of understanding +382,500 gp
69Apparatus of the crab90,000 gp
70Mantle of spell resistance90,000 gp
71Mirror of opposition92,000 gp
72Strand of prayer beads, greater95,800 gp
73Amulet of mighty fists +496,000 gp
74Eyes of petrification98,000 gp
75Bowl of commanding water elementals100,000 gp
76Brazier of commanding fire elementals100,000 gp
77Censer of controlling air elementals100,000 gp
78Stone of controlling earth elementals100,000 gp
79Manual of bodily health +4110,000 gp
80Manual of gainful exercise +4110,000 gp
81Manual of quickness in action +4110,000 gp
82Tome of clear thought +4110,000 gp
83Tome of leadership and influence +4110,000 gp
84Tome of understanding +4110,000 gp
85Amulet of the planes120,000 gp
86Robe of eyes120,000 gp
87Helm of brilliance125,000 gp
88Manual of bodily health +5137,500 gp
89Manual of gainful exercise +5137,500 gp
90Manual of quickness in action +5137,500 gp
91Tome of clear thought +5137,500 gp
92Tome of leadership and influence +5137,500 gp
93Tome of understanding +5137,500 gp
94Efreeti bottle145,000 gp
95Amulet of mighty fists +5150,000 gp
96Chaos diamond160,000 gp
97Cubic gate164,000 gp
98Iron flask170,000 gp
99Mirror of mental prowess175,000 gp
100Mirror of life trapping200,000 gp

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