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Shieldhaven, Mhoried

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4 (Court)



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The MS is a young and energetic guild that is only just now starting to become a major player in guild affairs. The guild started as a collection of river-captains, who banded together some eighty-odd years ago.
The guild grew over the years, and steadily increased the number of captain on its payroll. At the same time the guild acquired more and more supporting assets, like shipbuilding guilds, warehouses and a sound administrative support structure.
Nowadays the guild is powerful enough that it need not tread lightly around its competitions, but the Shippers are firm believers that hard and honest work will take them further than engaging in trade wars.
The Shippers started out as a loose collection of river captains, and while the guild is certainly a more formalized structure nowadays, it remains less formal and bureaucratic than most other guilds in Anuire. In addition, most of the guilds assets (like its river ships and warehouses) are owned by various captains or groups of captains. The Shippers freely accept new members, and have few restrictions on leaving, but few do. Despite this, the Shippers are not weak, for its members benefit tremendously from cooperation and recognized that unity gives strength.
The central leadership and administration of the Shippers is in Shieldhaven, but most of the major river cities have Shipper enclaves from which the guilds activities are coordinated.


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Domain Table: Maesil Shippers
Rivenrock, Baruk-Azhik (5/4)GG (5)MF (5)ML (3)-
DW (2)
Bhalaene, Ghoere (6/0)GT (4)MOC (5)GH (4)SM (0)
HA (1)ML (2)
Conallier, Ghoere (2/3)GT (2)LPA (2)ML (2)SM (3)
Mh (0)MOC (0)
Tornilen, Ghoere (3/2)GT (2)MOC (3)GH (2)SM (2)
Mh (0)HA (0)ML (0)
City of Anuire, Imperial City (10/0)CD (3)WIT (3)GK (2)COS (0)
DA (3)LPA (2)PAI (2)
AB (2)MOC (2)ML (1)
HD (2)CJS (1)
Balteruine, Mhoried (2/3)Mh (5)MOC (2)ML (2)Rg (3)
Bevaldrour, Mhoried (6/3)Mh (6)MOC (3)ML (5)Rg (3)
HA (3)GTh (1)
Mh (0)
Byrnnor, Mhoried (4/1)Mh (4)HA (2)ML (3)Rg (1)
OA (2)GTh (1)
Mh (0)
Cwlldon, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (5)HA (2)GH (2)SM (2)
MOC (0)ML (0)Rg (0)
Dhalsiel, Mhoried (2/3)Mh (4)OA (2)ML (2)Rg (3)
Maesilar, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (4)MOC (3)ML (3)Rh (2)
HA (0)Mh (0)
Marloer's Gap, Mhoried (2/3)Mh (4)HA (1)ML (2)Rg (3)
OA (0)
Tenarien, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (5)MOC (3)GH (3)SM (2)
HA (0)ML (0)Rg (0)
Winoene, Mhoried (3/2)Mh (4)HA (3)GTh (3)Rg (2)
ML (0)
Abbreviations: GG = Grimm Graybeard (Baruk-Azhik)MF = Moradin's Forge (Ruarch Rockhammer)ML = [B]Moerele Lannaman (Maesil Shippers)[B]DW = Dirk Watershold (Royal Guild of Baruk-Azhik)GT = Gavin Tael (Ghoere)MOC = Militant Order of Cuiraécen (Fhylie the Sword)HA = Haelyn's Aegis (Antia Maricoere)GH = Ghorien Hiriele (Highland/Overland Traders)SM = Sword MageMh = Mhor (Mhoried)LPA = Life and Protection of Avanalae (Medhlorie Haensen)CD = Caliedhe Dosiere (Imperial City)DA = Darien Avan (Avanil)AB = Aeric Boeruine (Boeruine)HD = Heirl Diem (Diemed)WIT = Western Imperial Temple of Haelyn (Rhobher Nichaleir)CJS = Celestial Jewel of Sarimie (Temias Coumain)GK = Guilder Kalien (Endier, Heartlands Outfitters)PAI = Parnien Anuvier Iniere (Prince's Pride)COS = College of SorceryRg = RegienGTh = Gaelin Thuried (Upper Anuire Traders)OA = Oaken Grove of Aeric (Gunther Brandt)Rh = Rhuobhe Manslayer

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