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Arms of DhalsielArms of Dhalsiel

Dhalsiel is one of the frontier provinces of Mhoried. Lacking the hills of Marloer's Gap, its people have often faced the brunt of the Gorgon's wrath. Dhalsiel is home to several fortified towns, but has relatively few villages - without numbers or defenses few villages could survive in the harsh environment. Sheep and goats are kept in large quantities, particularly around the monasteries and military keeps of the land, and many drovers drive cattle or horses to the province for summer grazing.
Cuille Dhalsiel is the Count of Dhalsiel. The young count succeeded his father two years ago, and as one of the richest nobles in the land, is also a very eligible bachelor. Some say he has his eye on Ilwyn Mhoried, daughter of the Mhor.

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