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Arms of TornilenArms of Tornilen

Tornilen is another center of agriculture within Ghoere. It frequently suffers as a battlefield between the forces of the Mhoried and the Baron. Since it is not uncommon for the farmlands of the region to be torn asunder by clashing raiding forces from either realm, the folk of Tornilen have become hardy and are stubbornly indomitable. The only town of importance is the port city of Almen. It lies across the river from the Mhoried port of Riumache and looks like a small sister of Ghieste. High Lady Margaery Khellevien (FA, Wiz4, Scion of Vorynn; minor, 14; LN) is the current Countess of Tornilen, a young and beautiful graduate of the Royal College of Sorcery.
Fort Tornilen: Fort Tornilen is a large fortress located near the port city of Almen. It was built to oversee the borders that lead to Mhoried. It will be the greatest hindrance to the Mhor if he tries to conquer Tornilen again, but also an ideal location from which to start a new invasion of the Mhor?s province of Tenarien.

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