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Arms of TenarienArms of Tenarien

Tenarien is the southernmost province of Mhoried. It suffers from frequent flooding in some parts, and holds part of the Riverport marsh, but is in the main habitable and comparatively warm.
Tenarion holds only one town of any size, Ruimache, which when the transient population of riverfolk is taken into account can at times swell to be nearly city-size. Riumache is the second-largest town in all Mhoried and one of the busier ports on the upper Maesil River. It is half-circled by an old wall dating back to imperial days, while the river itself protects the rest of the town?s approaches.
Politically, the province is full of those in power and those who aren't, with an increasing interest coming from across the river in Ghoere. While Daeric Mhoried controls the province (level 3 law holdings), Gavin Tael was started to gain some power (level 0 law). However, he is not yet strong enough to make a difference. The Oaken Grove of Aeric has the strongest religious presence here (level 3 temples), forcing Haelyn?s Aegis to be nothing but a unstructured presence (level 0 temple). The Upper Anuire Traders dominate the trade (level 3 guild holdings) but the Maesil Shippers do have their foot in the door (level 0 guild).
The Swamp Mage is the main mage in Tenarien (level 3 source holdings). The Mhor?s adviser, Regien, is unable to retain a source within the province (level 0 source).

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