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Rural Ranks
Serf · Yeoman · Gentry · Nobility
Urban Ranks
Criminal · Laborer · Craftsman
Guildmaster · Guilder
Regional Variation
Anuire · Rjurik · Brecht · Khinasi · Vos
In Anuire, the people accord slightly more respect and status to members of the gentry and nobility than they do to the urban ranks of guildmaster and guilder, though they might have similar wealth and power. The storied legends of the Empire, the glory of battlefield victories, and the teachings of Haelyn's temples all create greater reverence to the knight and the noble.
Another factor that can cost or perhaps increase one's status is honor. In Anuire, the honor code comes from Haelyn, and is known as chivalry. Those who aspire to greater prestige are well advised to give attention to the role of honor in society.

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