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Rural Ranks
Serf · Yeoman · Gentry · Nobility
Urban Ranks
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Guildmaster · Guilder
Regional Variation
Anuire · Rjurik · Brecht · Khinasi · Vos
Among the Vos, might alone makes status and prestige. Power other than might is generally thought to be much less valued, and possibly even corrupt. Money, magic, or honor codes are at best a distraction and at worst a dark path best exercised from the tribe. Further, individuals without a tribe have no standing. The ranks of socio-economic stratification identified above have little meaning to the Vos and are foreign to their culture.
Traders, merchants, and producers of food serve warriors as necessary functionaries who must be tolerated, if never truly respected. Those weak fools who serve landowners or merchants are the lowest of the low, the servants of servants. The strong dominate the weak through demonstrations of their combat prowess against monsters, outsiders, or rivals in the tribe. Even a common warrior in the tribe would have more status than a rich guilder. Likewise the son of a great tsarevo starts at the bottom, like everyone else and must earn respect by victory.
Birth theoretically means nothing to the Vos, although they watch over their children fiercely, and it is rare for the chieftain of a tribe not to have been a child of a great warrior - such ties of blood lead to alliances and the opportunity for glory that pass another by - unless the other is truly exceptional. Unlike Anuire however simply being the eldest son is not enough - no Vos warrior would champion a weak child as their heir, and few battles are as bloody as those between Vos brothers striving to prove which of them should lead a clan.
The Nona (new) Vos are marginally more likely to recognize power other than simple might than the Torva (traditional) Vos, although the difference appears slight to a non-Vos. Nevertheless a Nona Vos warrior will generally allow non-warriors a certain measure of respect as long as the non-warrior excels at their function, and that function betters the clan - so long as the non-warrior never presumes to glory beyond that of a warrior.

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