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Rural Ranks
Serf · Yeoman · Gentry · Nobility
Urban Ranks
Criminal · Laborer · Craftsman
Guildmaster · Guilder
Regional Variation
Anuire · Rjurik · Brecht · Khinasi · Vos
In Brechtür, the urban classes of every type earn more status and respect than do rural classes of similar wealth and power. While yeomen and the gentry might earn the same incomes as the craftsman or guildmasters, the Brecht respect for skilled craftsmanship, for commerce, and for risks taken in the marketplace simply cover the city dweller in a cloak of prestige. The yeoman seeking prestige is much less likely to seek entry to the class of gentlemen. Rather he would be advised to invest in bakeries and market his produce in town.
Additionally, the attitude of Brechts is colored by the Anuirean occupation. In those lands once conquered by the Anuirean Empire, nobility may be shunned as outsiders (Berhagen) or honored as amongst the Anuireans (Müden) with all variations in between. In the quasi-bandit realm of Grabentod nobility does not exist beyond the king and his cronies, while in Danigau nobles trace their lineage back beyond Deismaar.

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