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Rural Ranks
Serf · Yeoman · Gentry · Nobility
Urban Ranks
Criminal · Laborer · Craftsman
Guildmaster · Guilder
Regional Variation
Anuire · Rjurik · Brecht · Khinasi · Vos
Rjurik society itself is divided between those who accept the settled towns, where craft specialists and commerce is important, and those who remain entirely hostile to the towns. Certainly among those who reject urbanization, status up the urban social hierarchy doesn't compare to the ranks of the rural classes of equal wealth and power. But even urban Rjurik are more likely to give greater respect to karls and jarls, when they embody Rjurik values of cunning, strength, and endurance. Among the urban classes, those who are able to perform their crafts with artistry and beauty are liable to be more respected than those who have only money to show for their troubles. The Rjurik ambivalence to wealth generally elevates the role of values in questions of prestige. The honor code of the Rjurik is strong, and its values of self-reliance, individual prowess, and direct honesty has an important impact on the social status of an individual.

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