Boyarski Zbor

The Boyarski Zbor is the parliament of Kozlovnyy and its main authority institution, beside the Baron. The role of the institution is to advise the Baron and to demonstrate to him the will of his nobles. The Zbor is obliged to meet once a year, although in the times of trouble the Baron may assemble it. Membership in the parliament requires a land census, so only the richer nobles can enter it. The Zbor is divided in two houses, "Starshyi Dom", consisting of zhupans, and "Malodoyi Dom" consisting of other nobles that had passed census. The boyars elect two people among themselves for the duty of Tsoras and they serve as the head of the Zbor. By tradition if the ruler is absent or is underage, the Boyarski Zbor takes over all duties of the ruler. Recently the Baron passed a law that states that in a time of peace any boyar who doesn't show up for any of the Zbor's regular assemblies will be considered guilty of high treason and all his lands will be confiscated by the crown. This law frustrated many of the Zbor's representatives but it also gave the Baron a tighter grip over the torva boyars in the Zbor.

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