Bair el-Mehare

The Ba´r el-Mehare, or Sea of the Golden Sun, is the chief highway and battlefield of the Khinasi states. This water is said to have no far shore. The Plains States adjoins a large bay called the Gulf of Coeranys. Beyond the gulf, this mighty ocean is known as the Suidemiere, the Great Sea of the South in the Anuirean language.

Thousands of Khinasi dhows ply these waters, fishing, and trading along these shores. The great Khinasi dhouras embark on lengthy voyages from these waters to far, mysterious lands that lie scattered across this shining sea. Some travel west to the Straits of Aerele and beyond, others go east to the Dragon Sea which separates Cerilia from Djapar.

Unlike the Suidemiere, to the west, which experiences storms all year long, fed by the Miere Rhuann, the Sea of Storms, the warm waters of the Ba´r el-Mehare only experiences storms half of the year, during a season of monsoon rains. What systems control these storms is unknown, although sages speculate that ocean currents and the movement of Avani from north to south may effect the weather. Strong north-west winds blow from from Roelir until Sehnir. These winds are known among the Khinasi as the Binsad. From Sehnir to Talienire, a south-east wind brings the monsoons to the Khinasi coast. This season makes ocean travel more dangerous, and most ships stay closer to the coast during the winter to allow them to take port upon the arrival of a storm.

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