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The Drachenaur Mountains are a barrier of mist-wreathed peaks, deep gorges, and darkly brooding forests. Giants, trolls, and vicious tribes of orogs dwell in these mountains. The Drachenaurs are not nearly as high as the Spearmarch Range, but these lands are broken and more treacherous.
The range of the Drachenaurs is broken by various gaps of low mountains that separate six distinct ranges. The northern most gap in Wolfgaard and Hjorig that separates the the northern range, known as the Gletscher Peaks and the eastern range, known as the Grovnek Harrows from the southern ranges. The northern gap connects to the Grevesmühl Gap where the foothills of Rulsfeg separate the Grevestep Mountains from the Gnoll Fell Ridge. The rich Rzhlev valley separates the Gnoll Fell Ridge from the Duarlav Peaks. The Rzhlev forest is a foothill valley that separates the Duarlavs and the Gnoll Fell Ridge from the Biergaard Mountains.
To the east of the Drachenaurs is the great Grovnekevic Forest. To the south west, another, older range, the Mountains of the Silent Watch separates the coast from the Coulladaraight.
The Drachenaurs are named for the legendary dragons (or drachen in High Brecht) that lair along the range. Sages identify at least six dragons that are believed to live in these moutains. For whatever reasons, the great wyrms rarely venture out of the mountains.

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