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Arms of LemnjohenArms of Lemnjohen

Dagmar Druesbane is the commander of the Watch in Lemnjohen and the nearest thing to local authority. Her companion, Adrian Taeline, who still lives here is the great nephew of the changeling Rhuimach Taeline who serves both Dhoesone and Tuarhievel. Dagmar, Adrian and Ingric Ceolfrithsson came here with three other companions, Aubrae Noralind, a young noble of Dhoesone and two of Dagmar's old adventuring companions, Lioch Dunnagh and Gris Oldstone to clear out an old fort that had since become occupied by a family of giants and their warband of men and orogs. From this fort, the giants and their warband raided Giant's Fastness in Dhoesone. Lord Rhuimach, Captain General of Dhoesone and a land holder in the Fastness, convinced the Count of Giant's Fastness and his own great nephew, Adrian, and some of their companions to adventure into the old fort and clear out the giants and their warband and thus protect the Fastness from these raids. Rhuimach recruited his old friend, Lioch Dunnagh, and some of his adventuring companions to join the adventure. Though successful, Count Ingric and Lioch fell in battle insuring victory over the giants. Dagmar took over command of the fort and has remained as settlers have move in.
Nearby Bhorlangen was once part of the Rjurik settlement of the southeast of the Downs, but has fallen to the Kjarhoelle clan only a few months ago. Chief Tjorvaal Kjarhoelle promised security to those who swore an oath to the him, and misery to those who opposed him. Most of the settlers fled to Lemnjohen and the old fort for protection against the roving bands of Kjarhoelle troops.
Hogrun Njalsson, supreme commander of the Watch, came as soon as he got word and the people begged him to continue his protection of their settlement. Hogrun was torn as Lemnjohen is far from the Watch's main area of operations in the southeast of the Downs, and separated from Midjarna by Bjorlangen, which is now hostile to the Watch. Even so, Hogrun could not turn his back on the settlers and without knowing how, he agreed to maintain protection here.
Holgrun confronted the Anuirean Adrian Taeline and demanded that Dhoesone is obligated for some of the protection of the old fort and its new residents. Adrian might have been able to speak for his friend, Ingric, but he was unsure what actions his sister, the new countess might take. Holgrun made for Fastness Keep and met with Ingrid Redwolf who agreed to send troops when required if the Watch could maintain a normal garrison. Now the Watch patrols both the eastern and the northern borders - though not as well as its members might wish.
The Old Fort

The Old Fort of Lemnjohen was built by the Anuireans during Imperial times to protect the northern border of Dhoesone and perhaps extend the Anuirean zone of control north.

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