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Emerald Spiral (State Religion)


The men and women who patrol the Giantdowns inhabited by the Rjurik and keep settlers relatively safe are known as the Watch. They operate casually in all Rjurik-settled provinces, though they maintain small garrisons in Vjelthelma, Lemnjohan, Midjarna.

[top]Life and Society

The Rjurik in the Giantdowns are rural, but generally do not embrace the traditional nomadic life way. Most do not associate with any tribal identity, rather they tend to live in small or extended family groups. A typical household is generally a nuclear family with two parents and children, perhaps with one or two elderly relatives or an unmarried sibling. However there are still some large multi-family groups united by a patriarch or matriarch. The average household is probably around seven members, but its not uncommon to find a prominent homestead with twice that number.

Subsistence in the Giantdowns is based on animal husbandry and so a household in the Giantdowns occupies a large area. For mutual protection homesteads are grouped together, but the size of the land needed for the animals prevents more than four to six houses grouping together. So the village is a rare occurrence. The province of Vjelthelma is an exception, as a few early settlers established large, extended family homesteads. Able to offer protection and craft products, new settlers have settled in these communities working the land of the early settlers in exchange for a home, and the benefits of the village. Vjelthelma is somewhat better suited to agriculture and the dependent settlers are much more likely to grow crops rather than raise livestock.

All of the able-bodied men and those women who volunteer are formed into a body of home guard known as the Holmjarllen. These forces stay in their homes, but drill in the community for their defense. A smaller number leave the community and patrol the frontiers between the Rjurik and the other dangers of the Downs. These are the Marklorjen. Finally there is another branch of the Watch, though few know it even exists. The Svinarek, or "outriders" pass as renegade Rjurik to infiltrate bandits or the Kjarhoelle tribe in order to collect information.

[top]The Land

Chalk uplands rise from clay lowlands



Anneke Sturmdotter is the political leadership of the Rjurik people. Hogrun Njalsson is Anneke's lieutenant and chief advisor, though he is the more visible face of realm leadership.

[top]Important Figures

[top]Plots and Rumours

[top]Domain Holding Table

Domain Table: The Watch
Midjarna, Giantdowns (1/5)AS (1)GS (1)--
Vjelthelma, Giantdowns (1/5)AS (1)GS (1)--
Boganhaar, Giantdowns (0/5)AS (0)---
Lemnjohen, Giantdowns (1/4)AS (1)---
Abbreviations: AS=Anneke Sturmdotter (The Watch); GS=Gretta Seligsdotter (Emerald Spiral).

  • Law: The Watch tries to impose some order on this wild land.
  • Temples: The only organized faith is the Emerald Spiral of Erik, though its power is weak here.
  • Guilds: No organized guild has made a move here. It's simply to disorganized for profitable commerce.
  • Source: The Giantdowns awaits a mighty wizard.

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